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What to Expect When Remodeling with 2ndCityCC 

  • Call and schedule an estimate appointment- which are Saturdays 8a-12noon. We will come out to hear your ideas and take measurements and walk you through the process.

  • Once an estimate has been agreed to, we will get your project on the calendar.

  • A few weeks leading up to the project, we will reach out to ensure that you have obtained all of the materials you were assigned to purchase. We involve you as best we can, so that you are a part of the process. We have you choose and purchase the finish materials so that you have the exact look you like, and that fits within your budget. 2ndCityCC can help with finding the best vendors, and will help in any way we can to get those materials.

  • When the job starts, 2ndCityCC will focus on your job singularly to will ensure that your job finishes according to schedule, with the look that you desire.

  • We will set up protection to the rest of the house that isn't being remodeled, and we set up a HEPA filter to keep the dust to a minimum.

  • Managing expectations is something we take pride in. We'll be sure to talk you through the process each step of the ways do that you are comfortable with the progress of your job.

  • Enjoy your new bathroom or kitchen in your home.

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