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David and Rocky were great! They responded promptly when we first reached out, worked within our schedule and budget, and made sure they did great and thorough work. We asked them to install a sink into a laundry unit, rewire a closet for electrical so that we could install a freezer, and create conduit behind the tv so that we could hide all the wires.They noticed a few issues with our proposed plans and came up with creative solutions (the drain pipes in the laundry room did not properly lead water out of the unit, so they built a platform to place the sink on, thus allowing the water to properly flow out). They also talked with us about different options without being pushy. Importantly, they were always on time, professional, and courteous throughout.

After they completed the project, I raised some questions about the bill and they took the time and energy to review the line items and further reduce the cost, which I appreciated. Plus, they also took additional time to test the electric wiring in our garage at no extra cost when I asked a few questions about lighting. Finally, Rocky even brought his own paint to repair some patch work so that it wouldn't add to the final cost. Overall, the cost was fair.

I've had some bad luck with contractors in the past. They've been non-responsive or did shoddy work. But, we got great service from David and Rock. All in all, both David and Rocky were really knowledgeable and professional. I am glad that I went with them because they got the job done correctly and quickly.

To Do List
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