Gotta Get Her Done!

I can unequivocally recommend 2nd City C and C for interior rehab/contracting. They know their stuff, are straightforward in the advice and recommendations they offer, and emphasize honesty and ethics from start to finish. When the kitchen/bath/rear porch rehab of a single unit in our 2-flat became a rehab of BOTH units on one day's notice, 2nd City C and C did not blink--they applied a can-do attitude to make it happen for both units on-time and on-budget. And when the job wrapped up and a punch list tally was taken, Rocky was prompt and patient in the requests we made to finish the small items that invariably come up in the weeks following a big job. These fellows, as well as their crew and the very few subs they coordinate with, are there to ensure you're satisfied with the plans you make and the money you pay them for the work you've agreed on. Just can't recommend 2nd City C and C enough! Quality work and a smart, client-centered approach. Nuff said.