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From Mess to House

We had previously had 2nd city rebuild out front deck and were so happy with the work they did and the relationship we had built with the whole team we did not hesitate to work with them on a second floor remodel.

Second city did a total gut rehab on the second floor of our single family home. This is a huge job including moving stairs to the front of the house and tearing our everything to reinforce the floor joists as our second floor was actually unsafe. We lived at home during the renovation with our two small children and they made it as easy as possible for us even trying to work around our nap schedule as much as possible.

David and the whole team were so considerate of our space and really became part of our family in those few short months. Any sub contractors that had to be used were also very considerate of our home and family and did great work. We trusted everyone that David brought into our home. Once the space was gutted and set to be framed David worked with us to revamp the architects plans so that the space would flow better for our family. During a big project communication is key and David made this relationship effortless.

We will absolutely be using 2nd city again in the future. We are already planning for new hardwood floors on the first floor. We could not be more happy with the results. We feel like our family finally has a home!

From Mess to House
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