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Don't Call Me "Honey"-Do List

I'm in Logan Square and had 2nd City Craftsmen do several projects around my home. I just purchased a single family home and needed help with some projects.

Bathrooms - Tile, Toilet installation
I had them repair two bathrooms that a previous contractor had used the wrong mortar on. That contractor stopped calling me back. 2nd City removed the problem and replaced the tile. My bathroom enclosures work great now!

Main Home - Door Installation, Stair Handrails, Water Softener
With a craftsman home we had to find 50 year old doors and custom fit them to replace a few that were missing. They installed stair handrails in a stair way that did not have them. They also installed a whole home water softener.

Attic - Seal Air Leaks, Seal HVAC Ducting
I had them inspect my attic and they showed me how I was heating my attic this last winter. The ducting was leaking. They took apart each joint and repaired all the seals. Now I have great air pressure through our vents. Looking forward to not melting snow on my roof and making ice sickles.

Basement - Laundry Room and 3rd Bathroom
They installed a soap stone wash sink, Claw foot tub and a toilet in our basement.

They are honest and straight forward. They are a nice change to other contractors I have worked with in the city.

Don't Call Me "Honey"-Do List
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