"This is exactly what we needed" Kitchen Reno

Rocky is an outstanding dude...super friendly, easy to worth with, honest and trustworthy. Totally the kind of guy you would want as a neighbor. We straight up ran out of time trying to reno our house before moving out of state and FULLY entrusted Rocky and his crew to wrap up a few items for us at the house after we had left. Since hubby and I were cash flowing the reno, keeping costs down was an imperative to us, and so we tried to take on as much of the work ourselves as we could (painting, etc.). As we ran out of time and shifted tasks from our scope to Rocky's, he absorbed them easily without a hint of annoyance, and was very transparent with what would be an additional charge (unexpected electrical work), and what could be included without additional costs (mostly everything else). It was such a relief to not feel nickled and dimed during such a stressful period of time in our life. And perhaps most importantly, the work turned out beautifully. The work they performed more than doubled our ROI per the appraisal done at closing (we had had an appraisal done prior to the reno).

I would not hesitate to recommend hiring these guys.