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"I Didn't Know My Bathroom Could Be So Nice" Bathroom

We recently had our bathroom renovated and used 2nd City Craftsmen and Construction. We talked with a few contractors before ultimately contracting with Dave. Dave was enthusiastic about our project, knowledgeable, respectful of our ideas & gave his expertise without being egocentric.

As first time homeowner's (and this being our first renovation), we didn't know what to expect. Dave explained the process a head of time and put our worries to rest. He pointed out things we didn't notice or knew we could do. We tried to update the bathroom but still keep it more in line with the early 1900's/vintage style, when it was originally built. We picked out all the materials and Dave supplied the labor and necessary rough materials.

It proved to be too costly and difficult to install a traditional ventilation system with ductwork through the exterior brick wall, so Dave recommend we install an oscillating fan to help circulate the air and dry the tile after showering. It works great!

One of my favorite things is that the tile now goes all the way to the ceiling. Also, it's tiled around the window and the window sill - which is a great place for shampoos and soap. It was a wooden window frame/trim before - which got wet when showering. So, we actually had two shower curtains - made it feel very claustrophobic.

He was also able to save a few of the old shower tiles to patch a few cracked floor pieces (it's the same tile). This was another way he was able to save us some money. Another contractor would have had us remove & replace the entire floor!

Dave started the project while we were out of town on vacation. I had no reservations of letting him work while we were away and also while we were at work.

He was supposed to finish on a Saturday, but some things took a little longer than anticipated. He was nice enough to come back the next day (Sunday) for a few hours to make sure it was fully functional for us. We didn't have a bathroom door, which made things around the house a little awkward considering it's our only bathroom! haha. I can't believe he worked on Sunday - we were very grateful he did.

We're very happy with the results and recommend Dave and 2nd City to friends and family. Thanks Dave!!

"I Didn't Know My Bathroom Could Be So Nice" Bathroom
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